The Conscious Clarity Energy ProcessTM - Overview


If you are not currently living the life of your dreams…it's not your fault. You are probably just lost in the daily drudgery of a life controlled by personality and unseen manipulation by others. The good news is that you can change this to a new reality by simply learning how to use your inner personal guidance with Conscious Clarity to fulfill ever aspect of your life like never before...if you are willing to commit to believing in yourself!


The Conscious Clarity Energy Process™ is an easy interactive program utilizing a simple analogy, which provides the secrets to lasting happiness, balance and success. You can follow along at your own pace by simply reading and discovering why you may be having difficulties in life, or you can interact and receive personal guidance by asking questions as you progress. You have many options available to you and each one will increase your awareness into why you and others do what they do. By unlocking these secrets your life will change as if by magic. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by starting today to discover the secrets of what has been holding you back until now.


The foundation of The Conscious Clarity Energy ProcessTM is provided in detailed volumes and sections through our membership only publications. Everyone is at their own unique personal level of spiritual awareness; therefore, we have designed our programs to suit everyones needs based upon where they are at the present moment.


There are three levels available to you for your convenience. Where you fit best depends on where you are currently positioned in awareness...only you know where that is today:


The Conscious Clarity Energy ProcessLevel One - The Conscious Clarity - Soul Merge Level is where you will learn the underlying principles to beginning a new outlook or perspective of daily life that will move you forward in peace and happiness. This level is modestly priced such that it is affordable for even minimum budgets. Read more...


Level Two - The Conscious Clarity - Universal Level is for the seeker that is ready to take quantum leaps in awareness. You will know when it is time for you to move to this higher consciousness. This level is for everyone that feels at home with the principles of level one. The modest monthly investment for the materials provided here will be offset promptly by the growth achieved. Read more...


Level Three - The Conscious Clarity - Monadic Level is for individuals that have learned through our other programs how to live most days in peace, happiness and abundance. This is the ultimate program for those ready to follow deeply personal guidance and offers methods to access deeper realms of Spiritual Consciousness. The investment for this program is in alignment with your true highest-self and the essence of why you are truly here. Read more...


We recommend that you start out with the Soul Merge level - underlying principles phase - to see where you align with respect to each area of daily life perception. If you feel as though you are in alignment with the Conscious Clarity Soul Merge level you can quickly move forward to the next. The Universal level is for total emersion in the more advanced awareness process.


To review more detail and to subscribe to the Conscious Clarity Soul Merge level simply click here now, or on the read more links provided above.


And so begins the awakening…


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The Conscious Clarity Energy ProcessTM

The Conscious Clarity Energy Process

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